Weddings FAQ

Rev. Donna Lind officiating at a wedding in Hawaii

Rev. Donna Maurice officiating at a wedding in Hawaii

Here are answers to engaged couples’ frequently asked questions.

We’re not sure yet where we want to get married. What choices do you offer?
Rev. Donna Maurice will perform your wedding ceremony at the location of your choice — at home, in a garden, on a mountain-top, in a local chapel or church, or at any appropriate venue.

Do you offer premarital counseling?
Rev. Maurice provides one premarital consultation. This is a time to get acquainted and go over the wedding service and any special wishes you may have.

Do we have to use vows you provide, or may we use our own?
Rev. Maurice will help you make this service more meaningful and personal by creating a uniquely individual ceremony. Your wedding is a service of worship and celebration in which prayers are shared, vows exchanged and blessings given. Everything planned should add to a service that is worshipful, joyous, reverent and beautiful. More information is below.

Are we allowed to choose our music?
As your wedding is a service of celebration and joy, its music should be meaningful to you, the bride and groom. Rev. Maurice will discuss this with you.

What about a rehearsal?
The wedding rehearsal usually takes no longer than one hour. If your wedding has more than four people in the wedding party, you may want to consider a wedding rehearsal. Please remind your party to be on time for the rehearsal.

desert weddingWhat will it cost?
Rev. Maurice’s Wedding Packages and prices are here.

What is included in the cost for the officiant?

The Ceremony — Rev. Maurice provides a personalized marriage ceremony tailored to you and professionally presented. Before your wedding, she will create your complete marriage ceremony with ceremony itinerary (who goes where, when) and a guide. With a personalized ceremony, she provides many options and different choices for you to make it your own. If you wish, your ceremony may include wedding vows you have written and/or readings you provide. Rev. Maurice also has created wedding vows that you can either use during your ceremony, or use to help you create your own vows. Rev. Maurice will work with you by email and phone to tweak and customize your ceremony until it is final. This is your wedding and your ceremony, just you would like it to be.

Or an already prepared, charming and romantic marriage ceremony is also available. Rev. Maurice makes it simple for you. You will be gently guided on your wedding day through the ceremony itself so that you will have the freedom to enjoy it.

Travel – Travel to your location in Rev. Maurice’s service area (San Diego and Riverside Counties) is included in the cost.

Dependability – Rev. Maurice arrives early to ensure all is ready, to assist with any last-minute arrangements or modifications and to choreograph the bridal party when necessary. She also meets with the witnesses prior to the ceremony to fill out all the necessary information to make sure the marriage license is legally validated.

Low Cost – Your ceremony is the heart and the main event of the day you marry, and it is the only required piece of your wedding day, yet it typically costs less than most wedding essentials. You will find that Rev. Maurice’s ceremony services have a solid reputation for giving top quality at a low cost.

If we want more information, what is our next step?
Please contact us to make an appointment or request more information.


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